A Letter Never Sent

I’m dedicating a series of this blog to fictional letters. Love letters or ones related to relationships (romantic or not). I live for this.


You knew to lift my hand to your chest from your thigh as we danced. You knew that even with liquor in me, I wasn’t entirely comfortable as we calculatedly swayed. You leaned in and eased my tension by letting me know you were there, for me. It’s how the electricity between us silenced the band at the bar when our faces drew closer… and how every other person vanished altogether the moment a magnetic force brought our lips to touch. And just like that – the world became still.

Kissing you forced time to accelerated and freeze in synchronicity. I know how illogical this sounds because I didn’t know you then, but I can’t describe it with any other words. It could have been seconds, minutes, or hours – all I know is that I never wanted it to end, and my warm drink hinted that I’d been apart from it for far longer than I thought.

I’ve never traveled in time before and it was an odd sensation. You smiled at me as if we shared a secret. I realized that we grew older together, despite the short time it was. A nearly visible thought dashed across my head like a static shock and I wondered if we would spend any more time together after the night ended.

I ordered us replacement drinks. We were only a quarter of the way through them before realizing we’d do much better with comfort food at a diner nearby. When we finished I walked you home. I took in every second I had with you… and that was it.

I never thought I’d give my love away so easy, but I never wanted a person to have it more than when I stood on the sidewalk outside your apartment. At the top of the stoop you opened the door and eclipsed from the light inside. You cast a shadow on me and I couldn’t make out your face when I blurted out my heart was yours.

You walked down, kissed me, turned in the light so I could make out those dancing eyes of yours, and said, “You have mine, too”.

You’ve been my time machine ever since, so I can’t tell you how long we’ve been together, only that it’s been the happiest time of my life. I love you.


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