My name is Amanda, and this is 254 Notes.

There isn’t too much about me that you’d find out of the ordinary. My friends call me America’s sweetheart, but I call myself a goof, a nerd who ditched corporate life to make coffee, a former athlete, and (according to this website) someone who is obsessed with writing about love.

I first began writing to clear my head of some not-so-friendly demons I became oblivious to for years. I won’t go into detail, but if you need the full scoop you can find it in this update I wrote in 2019.

The progression of my writing went from “Girl who needs a lockable diary” to “Let me write funny poems about everything” and has now settled into “Wow, Amanda, writing another post about love again, I see.” But I promise, I intend for anything shared here to be relatable, even if twenty of my articles have the word “love” in the title…

I first came up with 254 Notes in a complete drought while brainstorming names for a place to share jotted down stories and memories. It took all of two seconds while checking my phone’s Notes app to see I had 254 of these little ideas, so in my lazy fashion, the site was born. Hope you enjoy.

While I hope you find the articles here evoke a spectrum of emotions, I hope they never offend you. I’ll be honest, I am an idiot sometimes (a nice idiot who doesn’t want to hurt people), but I like learning how to phrase things I have not been educated about. If you find something I should change, email me and I’ll correct what I need to.

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