A Letter Never Sent (#2)

Give me 40 years and I will regret every late night I spent at the office. Tell me you wish I stayed an hour longer that evening with our neighbors and I’ll wish so too. Despite anything you may think – I worked hard to give you what I think you want. I want better for our children. For our future. For us.

Give me 20 years and I’ll take my vacation time. We’ll go to all those places you dreamt of since you were a teen. We’ll see those Wonders and climb that mountain. We’ll eat those foreign foods and laugh with locals we barely understand. It will make up for what we’ve missed and we will be great again. I promise, we will.

We equate time and currency, so I always thought my earnings gave you what you wanted… but it’s not working. I knew this deep down. I can’t buy anything but objects.

So I take back my promises.

If you give me today I’ll give you what we both want. I won’t take that promotion and take me from you. I’ll give you my time – I’ll keep my true worth from my work. We’ll take weekend adventures and go out to dinner on Tuesdays. We might not have fancy cars, but we’ll have more than most people do for 40 years and more.

One response to “A Letter Never Sent (#2)”

  1. This is something that all of us need to strive for. All too often we are too busy chasing material things (the next big house, trendy car, and latest gadgets). At the end of our lives, we can’t take any of it to the grave. What’s gonna matter the most is how we share the love to the people around us.


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